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Premium Features for Pond Fountains

Interchangeable Fountain Nozzles or Heads - allows flexibility in spray patterns while also allowing needed nozzle replacement.  Is also beneficial when trying to unclog a spray head or nozzle

Extended Intakes - allow for water intake at a lower pond level thus helping with the destratification and mixing of the pond

UL Listing/CSA Listing - Ensures that the pond fountain meets local electrical requirements

Watertight Disconnects - Ensures ease of installation and removal

Control Panels - Some pond fountains are provided with control panels which are available with features such as:

  • Timer control to allow for efficient aeration
  • Ground fault protection
  • Panel Lock

Anchor Rope Kit - Enables ease of installation

Power Cable - Fountain manufacturers provide varied lengths; usually 50' or 100' lengths

Lighting Kits - Provides an esthetic focal point for the night time pond aeration.  Some Pond fountain manufacturers have lighting that can be fitted with a colored lenses.

Simulated Rock Floats- Provides a more natural look to floating pond fountains 

Extended warranties - Premium pond fountains are often provided with warranties from 1 to 5 years