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Your source for floating pond fountains for maximum aeration and reliability.  Let us help you choose the perfect flow and spray pattern for your home, golf course, business or farm pond. 

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And remember that horsepower does not equate to aeration.  Aeration is a function of flow and proper sizing.  Our fountains provide you a beautiful water feature and are designed for maximum aeration and proven reliability.  

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“Great people to do business with. Excellent products, excellent staff.”
Kevin Stockwell, TPEC, IL
“We got the unit today. Within 3 hours it is running and very, very beautiful. I just wanted to thank you again from myself and family and look forward to many years of relaxation out of our pond.”
Matt Smith & Family, Sunbury, OH
“Our parish grounds are beautifully landscaped. However, I feel that the pond with its beautiful fountain create an unmatched sense of peace and serentity.”
Rev. Richard S. Rakoczy, St. Perpetua Church, MI
If you want to improve your water quality, you need your fountain sized to best match your pond. Considerations include:
  • Pond Depth
  • Pond Size or Acreage
  • Aquatic Life
  • Water Quality

Call Us Now for Proper Fountain Sizing

Call Us Now for Proper Sizing 865-742-9879