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Farm pond foutains require a lot of aeration to support aquatic life (think bass and crappie)  Unlike most manufactures who just connect standard pumps to a spray nozzle, these fountains were designed with not only looks, but maximum aeration in mind.  Proper aeration will help keep your pond free of algae and sludge, and will help your aquatic life thrive.  Our fountains move a lot of water and can be sized to aerate large and small ponds on your farm.

 Farm Pond Bass

With a little help from some year round aeration, the bass are thriving on this small half acre farm pond in Alabama.  

Aeration keeps the water clear of algae and helped the fish populations thrive.  And for those with hawks near your farm, the ripples in the water make it hard for the hawks to take off all of the trophy bass!

 0.5 HP AquaSeries Deluxe comes with 2 spray nozzles shown below

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With the Aquablast spray pattern for both aeration and beauty for your farm pond

With the AquaGem spray pattern for Maximum Aeration for your Farm Pond


Voltage and Light Kit Options



These pond fountains are designed for small residential and farm ponds a half acre or less in size that have a depth of 14" or greater.  Included in the Deluxe ½ HP Aqua Series package: 100 feet of underwater cable for unit and lights, debris screen, mini power control center with GFCI and timer, and an exceptional two year warranty.

Let us know if you have a larger farm pond or small lake on your property.  We can provide pond fountains up to 10 HP and would love to help you size the right amount of aeration for your particular pond.

Call 865-742-9879 for pond aeration help

This fountain is also available with an MR16 light kit shown below which includes: a two light set, standard 20 watts, clear lenses, mini power control center with timer/transformer, one year warranty. Units are hardwired unless additional cable is ordered. If ordering additional cable, you will receive a Quick Disconnect.


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