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Small Pond Fountains

These Aqua Series 0.25 HP units are built to provide a great amount of aeration in a small package

 Small Pond Fountain

Availability:  5 to 7 business days

Weight:       65 lbs

Voltage:      110 or 220V

These small pond fountains are built for reliability and provide great aeration in a small package.  Ideal for quarter acre or less ponds with at least 14” of water. The ΒΌ HP Aqua Series includes 50 feet of underwater cable, interchangeable AquaGem and AquaBlast Spray patterns, mini power control center with GFCI and timer, debris screen. Units are hardwired unless additional cable is ordered. If ordering additional length of cable, you will receive a Quick Disconnect. Exceptional Two Year Warranty.  


Spray Height

Spray Diameter 

 Pump Rate


 3 feet

 7 feet

 175 gpm


 1.5 feet

 4 feet

 210 gpm

Voltage and Light Kit Options