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Estimating Pond Volume in Gallons

In order to properly size you pond fountain or aeration system, it is often important to estimate you overall pond volume in gallons. The best way to accomplish this is to either approximate the shape of your pond as either a circle or a rectangle and use the following charts below to estimate the overall volume. 

If the pond is circular:



If the pond is rectangular:


Note that if your pond is shaped like a boot, then you can estimate the pond size by pretending that the pond is made up of two rectangle and estimating the volume that way.  If your pond has an angular shape or approximates more of kidney or boomerang type shape, then try to imagine straightening out these shapes and forming them into a rectangle.  The width of the pond can be determine by what you imagine the average width would be and the length will be what you imagine the length of the pond will be if it were stretched to take out any bends.  If the pond is more like the shape of a flat basketball, then estimate the pond like it is round and then take 10 percent or so away from the total.

While this method is only approximate, it should give you a rough method to determine the total gallons of you pond and this volume can be used to help you size your aeration system.