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Pond Diffusers - Common Features

Pond Diffusers vary from standard pond fountains in operation, yet in the right application can provide an effective means to aerate a pond.  Diffusion style aerators are typically used in ponds with depths of 8 to 10 feet or more.  The air compressors are used to force air into the diffusion pads which creat bubbles that aerate and carry the deeper water to the surface, thus not only aerating the pond, but also breaking up the stratified water.  The effectiveness of this method is increased with smaller air bubbles and deeper water depths.  This method becomes less effective in shallow ponds


Pond diffusers are often packaged with the following:

  • One or two piston compressors - the better models will have longer mean time between routine compressor maintenance
  • Weatherproof cabinet or enclosure with cooling fan and security lock
  • 3 or more diffuser pads
  • Airline tubing
  • Inlet air filters
  • GFCI protection