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Pond Fountains can reduce pond sediment and sludge

One of the great benefits of pond aeration is reducing pond sediment.  This pond sediment or muck is made up of a layer of natural organic material can quickly decrease the depth of your pond. 

When faced with a large build up of this sediment, a pond owner can opt to have it removed by dredging.  While this is a quick solutiuon, the process is often costly to both implement and to dispose of this layer of sediment.  The overall cost and the reality that this is a solution that will need to be performed every several years often precludes it from being used by many pond owners

Another method of removing this layer of muck is to add biologic agents to eat the muck.  These biological agents or microbes are once again costly and must be employed continually to ensure that the sediment buildup does not occur.  Furthermore, as with any ecosystem, one must consider the ramifications on the overall pond system.

While installing a pond fountain will not provide instant sediment removal, over time the layer of sediment that makes up the bottom of the pond will begin to decrease and the pond should show an overall improvement in clarity.  This improvement can be quantiified simply by taking measurements of the depth of the sediment layer at certain points throughout the pond and comparing these every 6 months to a year to determine the overall improvement.   Additionally the clarity of the water can be measured by submerging an object into the water at a few locations and measuring how deep the object can be sunk before it can no longer be seen.

Pond fountains have been proven to help inhibit the growth of the sediment layer by promoting aerobic activity in the pond.  Sediment layers have been shown to reduce up to 9 inches or more in one year with use of a pond aeration system. With continous use of the fountain, which continually turns over the pond and brings the lower areas of the pond to the surface to be well aerated, over time a pond will slowly become a healthier habitat for aquatic life and the anaerobic material that forms along the pond bottom will lessen.  The effect will be a healthier and clearer pond.